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At Crossroad we are members of the United Motorcoach Association and the American Bus Association. Our Safety Director works closely with these associations to go over safety measures including sanitization, best practices, products, and procedures. We are following Federal and local guidelines for health guidance, including the EPA, OSHA, Homeland Security and the CDC.

UMA AssurClean™

Crossroad Tours has entered into the UMA AssurClean program and uses these guidelines in our sanitization processes. UMA met with FEMA and the Department of Defense officials and the program was presented to them, and we asked for additional input. These departments overwhelmingly approved the program and our measures. The safety of the passengers and drivers has always been our utmost concern. With the health emergency we are adding these procedures to our service. We believe there needs to be a partnership in plan and understanding between the DOD, Crossroad Tours and each passenger. We have a shared responsibility for safety and compliance to health guidelines. We have been instructed by the CDC to go by the guidelines published in their publication Cleaning & Disinfection for Non-Emergency Transport Vehicles, and we are. Additionally, we use only cleaners on the CDC and OSHA approved lists.

COVID-19 Policy

  • We cannot transport passengers that exhibit signs of being sick.
  • We use only OSHA and CDC approved sanitizing chemicals.
  • Masks will need to be worn by our passengers while guidelines are in place by the State, or County.
  • The driver will wipe down the handrails and touch points in the boarding area after the passengers depart.
  • The first row of seats behind the driver will not be occupied by passengers to insure distancing from the driver.
  • We are going to ask the passengers to distance themselves if possible, but not enforce distancing in the bus. This is the DOD’s choice.
  • We are going to ask the passengers to distance themselves if possible, but not enforce distancing in the bus. This is the DOD’s choice.
  • We will have to ban food and drink, except for water bottles from the bus while this emergency is in effect.
  • Regarding food, if this is an important issue with the military, we can amend this as long as safe and health conscience steps are agreed upon for the eating of food and removal of the leftovers and debris.
  • The bus will be sanitized daily when the drivers have a time frame to do so.
  • Each night the bus will be sanitized for the next day’s service.
  • We expect customers to advise us if a passenger has tested positive after riding a bus.
  • This fits with our contact tracing policy, if any driver is aware they have been in contact with an infected person, they will be go into quarantine and be tested.
  • Our drivers will have their temperatures taken and recorded each day before their shift.

Regarding testing for Covid-19 for our drivers. We have checked with the Area Transportation Authority which includes Johnson County Ride KC and the Kansas City Area
Transportation Authority. Neither Authority is testing their drivers. Our local Health Department does not require driver testing either. Each Authority is taking driver temperatures, which is our policy as well. Each Authority is requiring a driver to self-report any symptoms of the illness. If a symptom is reported, or observed, that driver cannot return to work without a negative Covid test. This is our policy also.

United Motorcoach Association AssurClean Certification

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